UAE Holidays 2017



Day Date Holiday Comments
Sunday January 01
Jan 1
New Years Day
Monday April 24
Apr 24
Israa & Miaraj Night
Sunday June 25
Jun 25
Eid Al Fitr
Monday June 26
Jun 26
Eid Al Fitr Holiday* Probable holiday
Tuesday June 27
Jun 27
Eid Al Fitr Holiday* Probable holiday
Thursday August 31
Aug 31
Arafat (Haj) Day* Arafat Day or Day of Arafa is the second day of the Haj
Friday September 01
Sep 1
Eid Al Adha* Date varies on Lunar cycle
Saturday September 02
Sep 2
Eid Al Adha* Date varies on Lunar cycle
Sunday September 03
Sep 3
Eid Al Adha* Date varies on Lunar cycle
Friday September 22
Sep 22
Hijri New Year’s Day* Islamic New Year
Thursday November 30
Nov 30
Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday
Thursday November 30
Nov 30
Martyrs’ Day
Saturday December 02
Dec 2
UAE National Day
Sunday December 03
Dec 3
UAE National Day Holiday

*Islamic holiday – Exact dates are subject to moon sighting and may differ from the date given.


UAE Public and Private Sector Holidays 2017

UAE Holidays 2017


In Abu Dhabi, the government has announced the official holidays for the year 2017. Although, the dates of UAE Holidays 2017 may differ because of the difference in the dates of the moon and another calendar. There may be a small deviation among the days, but that is adjustable with the original dates. On all those dates, there will be a holiday in all the offices, public departments, institutes, and federal ministries offices. All these offices will remain close on these days.

The important fact about public holidays UAE 2017 is the year of long holidays. The reason behind this statement is that almost all the public holidays fall near the weekend that increases the number of holidays and enhances the chances of enjoying long weekends for the public. All these holidays will be paid so the employees will enjoy more benefits by celebrating these. Here are the holidays of 2017 in UAE.

New Year’s Day

There is a public holiday on the first of January in UAE. There is a great celebration on this day in UAE because it is the centre of trade for the whole world and it joins these celebrations in a great manner. In 2017 the New Year lies on Sunday, so it was a holiday, but there is a three-day celebration of this year.

Al Isra’a Wal Miraj night

It is also known as Ascension Day. It is an Islamic holiday and may differ in date. In the calendar, it is expected to be UAE Holiday 2017 on the 24th of April. According to the lunar calendar, this day is celebrated on 27th day of the Islamic month Rajab. This holiday is given in commemoration of the night when Allah Almighty called Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to Miraj and also to heaven. This journey was carried out in a single night, and this is a sacred occasion for Muslims, and they celebrate this offering prayer and worships during that whole night.

Eid Al Fitr Holiday and Ramadan 2017 UAE Holidays

In 2017, the expected date of celebrating Eid Al Fitr is to be 25th of June and the holiday will be of three days. It is also a Muslim festival which is also known to be the festival of breaking the fast. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for the whole month and at the end, they are rewarded with this occasion of celebrating happiness. In this occasion, people show their love and kindness to others. It is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal which is an Islamic Month. In UAE Holiday 2017 it is expected to be on Sunday.

Arafat day Holiday

The annual ceremony of Haj that is conducted in Makkah has an event of Arafat. This holiday is on the day before Eid Al Adha. Muslims travel from Mina to amount named Arafat. On this day there is a national holiday in UAE. In 20717 this day falls on Thursday 31st of August, which will follow Eid Al Adha which gives a long holiday to people for the celebration.

Eid Al Adha Private sector holidays in uae 2017

I is a holy festival of Muslims that is performed every year after the Haj and people sacrifice various animals in this day. The sacrifice of a goat, cow or camel is done and then it is distributed in three parts. These three parts are ten distribute. One part is for the relatives, one for the poor and the last one is for your family. This event shows the love and consideration of other and shows the spirit of sacrifice. In UAE Holiday 2017 this day is estimated to be on 1st of September which is Friday. Eid Al Adha consist of three days so this is a long holiday including the weekend. The workers will enjoy a long paid holiday on this Eid.

Islamic New Year

Just like the other New Year, Islamic Ne Year is also celebrated on a large scale in UAE. In 2017, this day falls on 21st of September that is on Thursday. This year it will be the 1438 year of the Islamic calendar. There is the limitation of the moon, because Islamic months change with the change in the moon so, the exact date will be determined by the moon.

Commemoration day and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday

Both these holidays lie on the same date of 30th November in UAE Holiday 2017. Commemoration day is performed in remembrance of the Martyrs. This day was specifically declared as holiday by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to remember the martyrs who have died for the defence of the country. This day falls on the same day of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 2017 which is Thursday. It is also near the weekend, so it is expected to be a long weekend.

UAE National Day

In UAE the national holiday is fixed to be celebrated each year on 2nd of December. There is also a holiday of 3rd December which makes it a long holiday. All the present states of UAE were combined on this day in 1972. In UAE Holiday 2017 this will be the 46th national holiday of UAE. These two holidays are granted to public to remember their freedom and celebrate it in the best manner. This year it lies on Saturday and Sunday again making this the year of long weekends for the public and giving more opportunities of celebrations. Many car parades and other meaningful events are conducted on this day by the general public.

So, these were all the holidays that are granted by the government of UAE. Remember, the Islamic holidays may differ by the dates due to the change in the dates of the lunar calendar, and all these dates are adjustable according to those changes. UAE Holiday 2017 are no doubt bringing a lot of happiness to the people living in all the states. People enjoy these holidays and celebrate them on a larger scale.